Mental Self Care Class

3 Day Masterclass

Course Summary

This Mental Self Care class provides 3 recorded lessons that explain
the concept & importance of Mental Self Care,  
and provides many techniques for you to improve your Mental Health.

Lesson 1: Where is Your Focus?
Lesson 2: Tone of Voice
Lesson 3: Circle of Control

Most likely you have few or no coping
techniques to address your mental stress!

While we cannot eliminate all stress from our lives,
it is possible to learn how to handle the overwhelm in quick and easy ways.

This course will leave you confident in your ability to handle
those event-filled days and when unexpected issues pop up!

You will have lifetime access to the class lessons
and can watch them whenever it fits your schedule!

Course Curriculum

Becky Shapiro

Becky is a mom, wife, coach, teacher, and healer. She helps others improve their well-being on 5 levels with Self Care techniques.

Course Pricing