Intro to Self Care

3 Day Masterclass

Course Summary

This introductory class provides 3 recorded lessons that explain
the concept & importance of Self Care,
the 5 levels of Self Care,
and practice with techniques to address all 5 levels.

Are you feeling unhealthy, burned out or overwhelmed?

Did you know there are 5 levels of Self Care?

Most likely you have few or no coping techniques
to address what is causing your stress!

After This Class, You Will:
-Have multiple coping techniques to use to address your stress and overwhelm.
-Know how to meet your health needs on all 5 levels.
-Know techniques you can use to improve your well-being in mind, body, and spirit!
-Be able to move from survival mode to THRIVING!

You will have lifetime access to the class lessons!


Becky Shapiro

Becky is a mom, wife, coach, teacher, and healer. She helps others improve their well-being on 5 levels with Self Care techniques.

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