Grounded Monkey believes that natural healing through Self Care techniques
 is possible for EVERY body.
We offer coaching, classes, services and products that allow people to
whether that means reducing physical pain, emotional stress or anxiety!

SELF CARE has become so important these last few years!
It's time to start putting your health and well-being first.
Take a look at our options for your wellness needs,
and let us know if you have any questions.

Yoga, Meditation, & Breathwork

Becky is a yoga and meditation instructor, focusing on helping people with stress & anxiety. She strives to make these tools easy and accessible to anyone.

Energy Healing

She is a certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and believes energy healing can easily be combined with yoga and meditation to help people heal themselves faster.


Becky uses foot reflexology to discover where in the body a client is storing trapped emotions, which can then be released, bringing balance and peace back to the physical body.

Meet Grounded Monkey
Becky resigned from her teaching career in October 2020 after 21 years, due to high anxiety that was affecting her health and her family. It was an extremely difficult and scary decision.
She has an 11 year old son, her "monkey," that gives her motivation and inspiration to keep improving in mind-body-spirit, as well as to keep learning new techniques and health tools!
She married her amazingly supportive husband right as the pandemic hit in March of 2020.
They have 2 Labradoodles that keep them busy and teach them what unconditional love means.  
She is now committed to helping others manage their stress and anxiety by offering simple self care tools, like intro to meditation courses, energy healing and video libraries to improve their quality of life. 
She currently hosts Self Care Challenges regularly in her Facebook Group and teaches monthly Masterclasses online .
She has also started an online Self Care Membership Program for Stressed Moms!

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Becky is very professional and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She is wonderfully talented with Quantum Touch and Reflexology and I always feel revived and immensely relaxed after a session with her. Numerous times I have been to see Becky with a particular pain that has always been greatly reduced or completely resolved but the end of a treatment or two. I look forward to more regular visits with Becky because the Therapies and the proficiency that she offers release the build up of everyday stresses and discomforts, and keep me grounded as well as in better harmony.
Anna S.
I've been doing yoga with Becky Shapiro of Grounded Monkey for about a month now. I'd been wanting to do yoga for over a year for stress relief and back pain but didn't have the self-discipline to do it on my own, and of course most classes were cancelled do to the pandemic. I found out about Becky from a friend on Facebook and contacted her about classes. While she wasn't doing classes yet, she graciously offered one-on-one lessons. The lessons proved to be exactly what I hoped for: relaxaing, and yet somehow energizing at the same time. Through four lessons, Becky led me through progressively more challenging poses. Each time my back felt looser afterwards, yet stronger and more resistent to injury. I highly recommend Becky's yoga lessons!
Keith R.
I had never tried foot reflexology until I heard about Grounded Monkey. Having severe ongoing pain from a neck injury, I decided to try it. Rebecca has not only made a HUGE impact on my pain but also has helped a great deal with stress, sleep & relaxation! TY REBECCA!!!!
Chris Q.