Merging traditional yoga exercises with energy healing techniques, Becky has taken yoga to a different level.

You will not find this class anywhere else! 

After attending her relaxing class, you will feel renewed and at peace.

Those that start the class in pain, are able to reduce or eliminate their pain level simply by following the instructions and trying the techniques.

Stress will  melt  away  by the end of the hour.

No experiece of yoga or energy healing is required to attend. All are welcome.



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What is yoga?

A yoga class can be quite different around the world, making it difficult to define today. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj," which means to yoke the spirit and physical body together. An instructor combines breath control with specific body poses. Most people think of yoga as just stretching, but, if done correctly, one can tone the body as well as calm the mind.  


Becky's Yoga JourneyYoga

I originally started yoga about 6 years ago. I had tried it a few years before that at the gym but decided it wasn't worth my time. I didn't think I was burning enough calories. Obviously, I was not in the proper mindset or practicing for the right reasons.

Several years later, I started attending classes regularly at the gym. What had seemed too simple before became quite difficult as I realized how I hadn't been fully participating previously with my muscles. I now understood how beneficial yoga could be for reshaping and toning my body.

The biggest understanding came for me as I noticed how calm and peaceful I felt after a class. Having to listen to the instructor carefully the whole hour and focus on my breath (because I wasn't remembering to breathe!) allowed me to focus inward, forget my outside stress, and relax.

I would lazily stroll out to my car afterward with not a care in the world!

This convinced me I needed to become an instructor myself. I found that Yogafit came to San Antonio several times during the year. So, I took some of their certification courses. I just happened to be signed up for their prenatal class when I was 3 months pregnant, the exact time when they recommend you omit many of the yoga poses to protect the baby.

For me, yoga isn't just exercise. It's the closest I have come so far to meditation. For one hour, I am able to let the outside world and all my stress go. I remember to breathe properly, which for most of the day I'm not doing. My mind stills as I only think about the exercises and the breath. Focusing just on my body for one hour allows me to restore and relax.

After becoming an energy practitioner, I started experimenting with using some of the healing techniques I'd learned while practicing yoga. It improved the way I felt physically and emotionally. 

I now teach my own Energy Yoga, introducing people to simple body and breath awareness exercises that we complete throughout the course of a slow-paced, gentle class. A student can actually decrease or eliminate their own pain and stress simply by following along to the instructions during the hour! I have had people take their pain level all the way down to zero. 

I have also started working on a Yoga Play for Families Class now that our son is old enough to learn. Come play with us!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Or, if you would like me to teach a class somewhere or a private lesson, give me a call and we'll set it up!

Becky Detrick    210-867-0251