Why Quantum-Touch, a form of energy healing?

Why Quantum-Touch?Energy Healing

For those of you with an interest in the alternative healing world, Quantum-Touch is a relatively young modality, developed by Richard Gordon in the last 40 years. Energy therapy is not new, but certain techniques involved make QT a unique and quite effective holistic approach.

Quantum-Touch works at the cellular level to raise a person’s vibrations, allowing their body to heal itself. This amazing healing technique works not only on people and animals, but also plants and food.

Energy healing is done simply with intention, and for some people today, that makes absolutely no sense. But, when you realize how important your thoughts are, it changes the way you direct your energy in daily life. Negative thoughts are going to equal negative events. I discovered this years ago on my way to an appointment. I was dwelling on how angry I was about a situation, reliving it, when I realized I was hitting every red light. As soon as I refocused the direction of my thoughts, my day improved.

The benefits of a QT session are many, including reduction of pain or inflammation, the main reason most people reach out for help. As the parents of an adventurous 2 year old, my husband and I have had many opportunities lately to witness this. Our son has had some serious falls, bumps, and injuries. After running energy on him ourselves, we can attest to how fast swelling can be reduced.  Sometimes bruises that would normally take a week or two to fade disappear within days.

As a Quantum-Touch practitioner works, most clients will feel a warming effect on the targeted area, which is produced by their body as it works to heal itself. Sometimes, vibrations are experienced or even a tingling. It is perfectly normal to notice nothing at all, but after a session, you will mostly likely feel as if you just had a relaxing massage.



Does a client have to believe in Quantum-Touch for it to work? No, not at all. The healing will take place no matter the patient’s belief system. Sometimes the benefits are not felt immediately, but the energy will continue to balance the body and improve health conditions for at least 3 days.

This energy therapy is insanely easy to learn. Anyone can be successful no matter their ability or how well they see and perceive energy. Even if you have no intention of becoming a certified practitioner, this valuable technique will help you and your family overcome health issues more rapidly.

For more information please contact Frank or Becky at contact@groundedmonkey.com. You can also visit QuantumTouch.com for details.


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