‘Tis the Season

As we moving into the holiday season, know you are not alone. We are all in the same boat.Tis the Season 3

Many of us are already regretting the pumpkin pie we devoured after two heaping plates of carbs on Thanksgiving Day. The gluttony will continue for at least the next month as we are bombarded from all directions with sweets and unhealthy but yummy dishes at work, home, and at parties. Do you have to say no to all the goodies? Of course not, but some self-control will keep the damage to your body to a minimum.

Gym cards tend to gather some dust in December. In order to get our shopping, wrapping, and decorating done, attend parties, and fit in extended family time, something’s got to give. Exercise seems pretty expendable about now. Keep in mind, as you scour the shops and malls for those perfect gifts, you are burning calories. Parking far from the door will burn an extra few. While standing in long checkout lines, do some heel lifts. Finding those little movements to sneak in the exercise will make you feel better physically and emotionally.

Speaking of emotions, this can be a rough time of year for some of us. Those that are far from family may feel lonely. Those that have lost some family may feel depressed. Those that are surrounded by family may feel stressed. Whatever your state, know you are always in control of your emotions. Asking someone to join you for the holidays, feeling blessed for happy memories of those no longer with us, and learning to take a deep breath and let go can help in your decision to be happy.

So, remember during the holidays, we are all in the same boat, facing destructive habits and choices. It is possible to keep your boat afloat without feeling too much guilt by being picky about our extra calories, sneaking in a little physical exercise, and choosing to be happy.

After all, ‘tis the season!

Happy Holidays from Grounded Monkey!

Becky Detrick, Cofounder of Grounded Monkey, Helping People Heal Themselves Naturally

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