Stand Tall

Right now, check out your spine. Are you sitting or standing tall and proud or rounded and slumped over?Standing-postures

Your spine speaks volumes about you.

I didn’t start paying attention to mine until my late twenties. As a competitor on the country western dance circuit, it was quickly pointed out to me I was not standing tall and proud. I exhibited a lack of confidence in my ability to take 1st place. Coaches instructed me to straighten up and lift my chin as soon as I stepped “onto the wood.” I took the advice seriously and made sure to elongate as soon as I stepped onto any dance floor.

I started to apply this concept in other areas of my life and carrying myself differently. Not only does this improve your overall appearance but also your blood circulation, allowing the brain to better oxygenate.

When you observe someone hunched over, they do not appear as healthy, physically or emotionally. They just naturally give off an “I’m sick,” vibe. More often than not, their face is pale and their attitude in general is more negative.

Yes, there are times when I am lazy, and I knowingly slump on the couch. Standing or sitting tall all the time does require effort, which I am not always willing to put in. It has not, yet, become complete habit to elongate my spine.

I do, however, usually make the effort when I am standing. Not only does this give off an air of health and confidence, but I feel like my back and hips are better balanced these days, helping to eliminate pain.

So, whatever reason you decide to stand a little taller, know you are improving your health, as well as what you and others think of yourself. 


Becky Detrick, Cofounder of Grounded MonkeyHelping People Heal Themselves Naturally

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