Self Help-Yoga

Most of us have heard of yoga but many are afraid to give it a try, worrying we're not flexible enough. There is no judgment in yoga! 

Not only is the exercise beneficial for your body, but the breath work and calming of the thoughts are equally helpful for the mind. 

You can check out our yoga page. We offer unique, monthly classes.

Any time you are exercising, if something hurts or is uncomfortable, 

back out of the pose and modify for your needs.


Here are some other resources for yoga, local and on-line.

AC Power Yoga offers a $5 donation class.

Gentle Wellness offers a $5 donation class.

Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes for cancer patients and survivors. Fridays from 8-8:45 am. Free. Reservations required through Northeast Baptist Hospital. 210-297-2627

Grokker is a free online resource.

Destination Maternity offers free yoga classes for expectant mothers. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11-12. Tuesday, Thursday from 5:30-6:30. Please call ahead to check for changes. 210-694-4692