Self Help-Obvious

Okay, you took the time to click on the Obvious page. This is just a reminder of the daily habits we should be practicing but sometimes don't.

We can admit we still need to work on a few of these ourselves.


Drink Plenty of Water: No, your coffee, tea, and soda does not count. In fact, try to eliminate as many liquids as you can that do not start with a W. 

Get Enough Sleep: You know you probably do not get enough for your body's needs. So, whenever you can, get a full night's rest. Lack of sleep affects your mood, health, and most likely the people you live with.

Watch What You Eat: We're not saying you have to eat healthy all the time, but some of what we buy at the grocery store to fill our bellies with is not even food! Our poor body then has to expend energy to expel it out. Start paying a little more attention to your food choices, and eat junk food in moderation.

Exercise: Make time for it! We know it's hard, especially if you have a family. Find a form of exercise that makes you happy and seems less like drudgery, or find a work out buddy.

Build in Time for Relaxation: Whether this means meditation, a hobby, spending time with friends, or vegging in front of the TV, let your body relax a little every day.

Think Positively: Every time you spend even a second on a negative thought, you are attracting more negativity into your life. Our thoughts are powerful, and can affect our health.  Release the negative and revel in the positive.

Be Grateful: Do you thank those in your life that are always there for you- God, angels, family, friends, co-workers? 

Ask for Help: For some reason, many think it's a sign of weakness to ask for help. Or, we don't want to be a bother to others. Bother away! People like to help. Give them the opportunity.