Self Help-Meditation

If you've ever tried to meditate, you know how hard it can be. Within minutes, your mind starts distracting you. In today's fast-paced world we are bombarded constantly by our own thoughts as well as others' through advertisement, TV, and internet. In fact, we expect it.

Our minds were never meant to be so active all through the day. For some, it is almost impossible to still the constant chatter, most of it negative. We think about the past, and we worry about the future, spending almost no time in the present, where we can find our peace.

'Meditation is a cessation of the thought process.' We're not saying it's easy, but give it a try. Meditation, today, is seen as one of the most effective forms of stress reduction. 

Occasionally, we offer guided meditation classes through our Meetup called San Antonio Alternative Healing.


Here are some other resources for meditation, local and on-line.

Meditation Circle– Free, local guided meditation on Wednesday evenings, 7:30 (Celebration Circle)

Guided Meditation Meetup Group– a local group that offers free meditation practices

Beginner's Guide to Meditation video– 5 minutes (Audio Entrainment)

Guided Meditation for Beginners video– 32 minutes (Self Realization)

Guided Meditation video– 12 minutes (The Honest Guys)

Guided Meditation video– 18 minutes (The Honest Guys)

Guided Sleep Mediation video– 30 minutes (The Honest Guys)

Guided Sleep Meditation video– 1 hour (The Honest Guys)

Grokker is a free online resource.