Have aches and pains? Are you stressed and losing sleep?

Natural healing can help!


A woman holding her neck in pain.

You don’t have to live with the pain. Make time for your health. No one else will.  

Contact us today to set up your wellness appointment!


Grounded Monkey is currently in transition and changing locations! During this process, we are only available for long distance healing sessions, or we can travel to you for a planned session. Thank you for your understanding.

Happy Holidays!

(210) 867-0251 Becky



$60 for a Full Energy Healing Session

$35 for a 30 minute Energy Healing Session

$50 for a Self Created Health Session

$60 for a Full Reflexology Session

$35 for a 30 minute Reflexology Session

$15 for a Child’s Reflexology Session (About 15 minutes)

$60 for a Combined Energy Healing & Foot Reflexology Session

$40 for a Distance Healing Session

House calls can be arranged, for an additional charge. 

Please see our different service pages to decide what type of holistic approach you would like to try. Full sessions typically last about an hour, depending on your alternative health needs. We will tailor each natural healing session to address your current issues.

You have no health issues? Great, come in for a wellness session to maintain your body’s healthy state of balance.


Pets & Animals

$65 for a Session. House calls only.

Pets deserve natural healing, too!

Pets have their own health and emotional issues that can be improved with natural healing techniques.





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