An Extra Inch

At the ripe age of 12, I reached the height of 5’ 2”. There I stayed until adulthood. Eventually, I adjusted to my petiteness. Other than having issues finding pants that fit my length, my short stature has not been a problem for me.

About 5 years ago, someone was measuring my height during a physical and called it out as 5’ 3”. I informed her that was not possible and asked her to recheck it. Sure enough, I was more than an inch taller than I believed I had been for over 20 years. What??

I know people shrink as they age, but I had never heard of someone growing taller! So, I reflected on some changes I’d recently made in my life to make some sense of the situation.

First, I had started seeing a chiropractor for some back pain that flared up after riding a rambunctious roller coaster. He pointed out in an X-ray how my spine was slightly curved. So, this being way before my natural healing knowhow, I was immediately started on frequent therapy at their clinic that eventually dwindled to monthly maintenance. Though expensive, I can say I definitely felt better after all the treatment.inch

About the same time, I also started attending yoga classes at a nearby gym. During the practice, our instructor would remind us to elongate the spine and breathe space between our vertebras. Who knew it was actually working? I began standing and sitting taller, not just at the gym, but everywhere. I made a conscious effort to improve my posture.

For me, this was one of those life lessons that taught me anything is possible if you are open minded enough to permit and receive it. The experience helped elevate my thinking and allow me to read some of the eye opening literature and concepts I am currently devouring and might otherwise not have conceived possible.

Where in your life can you grown an inch?


Becky Detrick, Cofounder of Grounded MonkeyHelping People Heal Themselves Naturally

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