Power of Your Thoughts

Have you ever had one of these days? You roll out of bed in a fairly good mood. You think to yourself, what a great day this is going to be! Dressing in one of your favorite outfits, you notice your hair looks like it’s supposed to. Then, on your way out the door, you realize you forgot your lunch. Traffic is slower than usual due to an accident, so you end up late to work. A new task gets added to your already full plate. You drop your cell phone in the toilet, and it’s only 10 am! From there, it’s all downhill.

Why is this happening to you? Negativity oozes from your pores for the rest of the day, which never improves. Sound like a typical Monday?

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‘Tis the Season

As we moving into the holiday season, know you are not alone. We are all in the same boat.Tis the Season 3

Many of us are already regretting the pumpkin pie we devoured after two heaping plates of carbs on Thanksgiving Day. The gluttony will continue for at least the next month as we are bombarded from all directions with sweets and unhealthy but yummy dishes at work, home, and at parties. Do you have to say no to all the goodies? Of course not, but some self-control will keep the damage to your body to a minimum.

Gym cards tend to gather some dust in December. In order to get our shopping, wrapping, and decorating done, attend parties, and fit in extended family time, something’s got to give. Exercise seems pretty expendable about now. Keep in mind, as you scour the shops and malls for those perfect gifts, you are burning calories. Parking far from the door will burn an extra few. While standing in long checkout lines, do some heel lifts. Finding those little movements to sneak in the exercise will make you feel better physically and emotionally.

Speaking of emotions, this can be a rough time of year for some of us. Those that are far from family may feel lonely. Those that have lost some family may feel depressed. Those that are surrounded by family may feel stressed. Whatever your state, know you are always in control of your emotions. Asking someone to join you for the holidays, feeling blessed for happy memories of those no longer with us, and learning to take a deep breath and let go can help in your decision to be happy.

So, remember during the holidays, we are all in the same boat, facing destructive habits and choices. It is possible to keep your boat afloat without feeling too much guilt by being picky about our extra calories, sneaking in a little physical exercise, and choosing to be happy.

After all, ‘tis the season!

Happy Holidays from Grounded Monkey!

Becky Detrick, Cofounder of Grounded Monkey, Helping People Heal Themselves Naturally

Self Help

Could you use some help? Who couldn’t, right? I know I would love it if someone like a fairy Godmother offered to come in and assist me with problem areas in my life.

Grounded Monkey has borrowed a magic wand and decided to do just that. We aren’t going to solve all your problems for you, but as part of our mission to educate and make natural healing accessible to everyone, we’ve created a little something special for YOU.

If you navigate to our new Self Help page on our website, you will find different options for improving your own health and state of mind. There are many simple techniques out there that can make a positive difference in your life. But, here’s the thing-you have to make a little time to learn about and try them out.

Start with the easiest if finding time in your busy schedule sounds daunting. Try some breath work and add in stretching first thing in the morning. It only takes 5-10 minutes. The Chi Self Massage really helps move stagnant energy. We promise you will feel a difference.  

For those that have more time, give meditation or guided imagery a try. You would be surprised what adding some yoga to your day, even if just 20-30 minutes, can do for your body.

All of these stress relief techniques can be done from your home at your convenience. You can come back to our website each time if you like. Eventually, you will memorize the steps or routines you like and can perform them anywhere.

If there are free or inexpensive local classes, you will find them listed on each page.

We would love to get some feedback on what you think. If there is a technique that worked well for you, please let us know. If you feel we are missing something, please give us the details.

Feel free to share the Self Help page with anyone you think might benefit from it.

Have fun with it!

Peace and blessings to all.


Becky Detrick, Cofounder of Grounded MonkeyHelping People Heal Themselves Naturally

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An Extra Inch

At the ripe age of 12, I reached the height of 5’ 2”. There I stayed until adulthood. Eventually, I adjusted to my petiteness. Other than having issues finding pants that fit my length, my short stature has not been a problem for me.

About 5 years ago, someone was measuring my height during a physical and called it out as 5’ 3”. I informed her that was not possible and asked her to recheck it. Sure enough, I was more than an inch taller than I believed I had been for over 20 years. What??

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Stand Tall

Right now, check out your spine. Are you sitting or standing tall and proud or rounded and slumped over?Standing-postures

Your spine speaks volumes about you.

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