Today, we find it difficult to unplug, especially with cell phones providing easy access to e-mail, Facebook, etc. Walk around just Unpluggingabout anywhere, and you will see people staring down at a screen of some kind, completing ignoring everyone and everything around them.

Recently, I acquired my first smart phone, and now I, too, feel the pull of the internet as I’m out and about. It’s just so easy. Every time the phone vibrates or makes a little noise, I want to know what’s going on. What am I missing?

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Birthday Thoughts

Having recently celebrated my 39th (No, I’m not afraid to admit it, and yes, that’s my REAL age!), I decided to reflect on birthdays. Do they throw you? Does turning another year older scare or bother you? Most people would say yes.

When it’s your big day, friends and family have a habit of asking how you’re doing, as if they expect you to be upset. They sound concerned, not necessarily celebratory.

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Rethinking Busyness

How often today do we greet someone and when they ask how we’re doing we reply with the emphatic, “Busy!” Some of us even take pride in rattling off all the activities that take up our time.

I read an article recently that stated we do not have any less leisure time today than people did 50 years ago. What we have chosen to do with our time has greatly changed, of course. Busyness abounds.Busyness

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ask 4In the first week of January, I reflected on several, similar Facebook posts. They asked readers to comment with their one word, 2014 goal. It only took me several seconds to choose mine-Ask. These three simple letters have changed my world in the last month.

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The Giving Season

As the holiday season fast approaches, many of us are frantically trying to check off our to-do lists. At the top of the list for most of us is finding the perfect gifts for all our friends and family. This can be a huge source of stress at a time we are supposed to be merry and bright.

Does anyone else think gift giving has gotten a little (or a lot) out of control?

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